100% commitment to the fulfilment of student goals

Language courses in the workplace, Blended Learning, Digital Learning or in our training centres

Human Resources

Nowadays, the job of the Human Resources Manager is increasingly complex:

Responding to the development strategy of your organisation

Supporting and accompanying managers in their choices, according to their objectives.

Identifying, developing and retaining the talent in your organisation

For this, language courses with our “business languages” support can be an asset to you.

The Formations&Co team is committed to you, and to finding the most suitable solutions adapted to the satisfaction of your internal clients.

Our innovative “A-You©” Adapted to You method based on the motivation and learning styles of your internal clients, gives successful results.

This pragmatic, effective method is aimed straight at specified goals and objectives.
Our educational process will provide you with regular, transparent, shared monitoring that benefits all.


Our vision and years of business education have taught us that students may become stressed before beginning language courses. There are several reasons for this:

Stress due to personal or company goals

Addressing some part of their self-confidence

Career development

Our educational team will therefore take care of your students:

By seeking to understand their precise objectives

By aligning our methods with their objectives and learning styles

By providing full, transparent follow-up

Through flexible planning for success

If you need reviews or references, do not hesitate to contact us...

We have already developed over 17,000 hours of courses for over 2,500 students.

Business Sectors

Each business sector is unique.
Each sector has its own language, practices and instincts
Each sector has its language training and personal development needs geared to its own field.

Some of our references

Business solutions

Drafting of emails

Preparing conferences

Role plays Meetings

Telephone conferences

Decoding of detailed reports

Anticipating a change of position


Removing communication barriers


Telephone conferences

Welcome to Switzerland

Preparing for a new destination


Congress, Booth preparation

One day coaching

Specific business requirements

Learn French in 40 hours! 

Private (1-2 people) or group French classes (up to 8 people)
- 40-hour course or bespoke classes.
- Available in Nyon or online.
- Fide-approved courses.

We follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines to stop the spread of Covid-19.

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