Solutions for integration through language and cultural fide courses

Our integration and fide certified test center solutions

The Formations&Co team accompanies the success of expatriates or newcomers to Switzerland with adapted, flexible, personalized Swiss language integration programs and preparation for the fide tests.

The renewal of a B permit or obtaining a C permit, or citizenship is always stressful.

For this reason, we have created the“Welcome to Switzerland” program especially for you.

A genuine program for integration into Switzerland through languages.

For the preparation and success in your fide language test

Adapted for expatriates and new arrivals into Switzerland

A program adapted to your deadlines and availability

Private, group, distance, at home and business courses or courses in our linguistic training center in Nyon according to your needs

Advice for your permits and your fide tests

We kindly listen to help you best by understanding your needs and adapting to you

Adapted educational tools

Our method enables us to completely adapt to your objectives to fully implement them.
Our trainers, our fide certified interlocutors, adapt to your planning and your way of learning, to make you progress faster and with pragmatism.


Preparation for your fide test

fide test

What is fide ?

Formations&Co is a certified fide tests center

What is fide ?

Fide (French, Italian, Deutsch) is the swiss program promoting linguistic integration.

It’s a federal organization.

Fide’s objective is to ensure and enable speakers of other languages and those who migrate to Switzerland to integrate better through their linguistic skills.

Fide’s teaching approach is characterized by principles such as daily relevance, action and according to your needs.


Formations&Co helps you to prepare and pass your fide test

With over 220 trainers throughout Switzerland and their language course expertise, Formations&Co helps bring their experience to you :

Advise businesses and their expatriates or new arrivals

Support the director of HR with integrating the talents and human resources arriving in Switzerland

Help expatriates and their families to obtain their permits without new stress

Training in French, German, Italian by our trainers and fide interlocutor dedicated to expatriates and newcomers in Switzerland

Help and training up to your fide test

Program "Welcome to Switzerland"

Our “Welcome to Switzerland” program is:

Specially designed to respond to the Swiss LEI directive and for fide test preparation

A genuine course for integrating into Switzerland through the French, German or Italian languages

Designed to learn the practical aspects of life in Switzerland such as shopping, buying a train ticket, completing forms at the post office, calling the doctor…

Focused on common daily situations in Switzerland

Organized to respect the pace and deadlines until the fide test is passed and the award of a permit renewal or application

Reviewed to help expatriates in their inter-cultural differences and their preferences with respect to learning style to facilitate their progress.

Welcome to Switzerland, a program adapted for spouses too

We know that the success of expatriation extends to the spouse and their positive integration in their new environment They support daily life and the wellbeing of all the family.
Therefore, it is important to closely support them by helping them in their daily lives.

Our trained fide speakers are transformed and genuine linguistic Life-Coaches.

We propose the course solutions according to your life:

At home, flexible on the subjects which are covered during the fide exam, all by adapting to the aspects of family life (children’s naps, school times, family life…).

In a group in our learning center with the same aims for B or C permits or citizenship

F&Connect distance learning for people wanting classes over Skype, more adapted to their lifestyle and learning.

Formations&Co Welcome to switzerland

A-You® to make the exam seem easy to you.

  • Inter-cultural management
  • Unique Neuro-pedagogic method
  • Program adapted to the preparation for fide tests

Preparation for the fide test

  • A free of charge initial evaluation of your language level
  • A free of charge Pre-test
  • Exam with our care and with our fide speakers
  • Exam allowed directly in situ for businesses

Fide language levels

A1 elementary use of the language

Can understand in the context of personal life, for example at work or school (for children) in a simple way, if the person who is addressing them speaks slowly and clearly and is ready to help if necessary.

Can be introduced and introduce others with simple words.

Can give short and simple responses to questions about themselves, for example their place of residence, their place of work, their children.

Can express their own concerns, for example in their living environment or during shopping, in prepared and practiced phrases.

A2 elementary use of the language

Can understand simple questions and messages associated with the significant areas of life, for example questions and informations on school, education, work, health and living conditions.

Can express themselves in a simple and routine situation in a government office or in another public institution needing a direct exchange of information on familiar things.

Can describe their own origins, their studies, and their professional experience with simple words and recount their personal experiences.

B1 independent use of the language

Can understand important information originating from a school, employer, landlord or public authority if clear, standard language is used and if familiar subjects are discussed.

Can handle the majority of situations in daily life, at the workplace or in public spaces.

Can express themselves in a simple and coherent manner on familiar subjects, personal interests and experiences.

Can describe their own opinions, aims, hopes and wishes and justify them or briefly explain them.

Fide evaluation

Free evaluation of your fide language level

Linguistic abilities and permits

Swiss map

To join their spouse who has a residence permit in Switzerland through familial reunion (Art. 73A OASA) (B Permit)

For the renewal of the B permit for business collaborators.

Fide A1 Oral requested level

To confirm through a fide test

To request an advanced authorization of establishment (C Permit) after 5 years of residence in Switzerland

Fide B1 Oral and A1 Written requested level

To confirm through a fide exam

To request an authorization of establishment (C Permit) after 10 years of residence in Switzerland

Fide A2 Oral and A1 Written requested level

To confirm through a fide exam

To request an ordinary citizenship (after 10 years in Switzerland) or facilitated by the marriage to a Swiss national (after 5 years)

Fide B1 Oral and A2 Written requested level

To confirm through a fide exam

Our fide test sessions

Certified fide test center, we can help you to reach your requested level

Oral test

CHF 170.-

Written test

CHF 120.-

Oral and written test

CHF 250.-

The fide test process

Schedule of your fide test

Our fide tests take place every Thursday in our pedagogical center in Nyon (VD) depending on the number of registrations. We have a minimum administrative delay of 2 weeks to order your test from fide.

For companies or relocation companies, please contact us as we can organize these fide tests within the companies.

Registration and cancellation conditions:

Your registration is managed directly with you by our fide contact person Minielle who you can contact by E-Mail  or by phone +41 21 564 21 50 every day of the week from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Upon confirmation of your registration and until the day before the test, the amount of CHF 100 will be charged in case of postponement or withdrawal.

dessin d'une personne en train d'appeler pour le test fide
main en train d'écrire sur un test

Rules for participation:

On the day of the test, do not forget to bring a valid identity document which will be requested before the test begins.
Failure to present this document will result in the cancellation of your test, for which the full price will remain due.

Please arrive 5 minutes before the test time. Tests begin at the specified time.
Late arrivals or no-shows will result in the cancellation of your test and the full price of the test will remain due.

Learning center, Nyon (VD)

Rue de la Morache, 1 – 1260 Nyon (VD) – SWITZERLAND

Rue de la Môrache, Nyon

Our fide test sessions in our pedagogic center in Nyon (VD) are:

  • Every Thursday
  • On request for corporate

For all information


Private lessons, binomials, groups wherever you wish
fide&Connect Distance Learning

For B, C permit and naturalization

(Following the rules of hygiene and conduct to stop the spread of Covid19)

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