Distance learning or mixed courses

Our formula adapted to your needs

Would you like to learn one or more languages independently and with total time flexibility?

Choose your language and learn in a fun, interactive way.

Test your ability level, follow your course online and progress at your own pace.

F&C Connect

Courses by webcam, for totally flexible learning!

For those with limited time, those on a tight budget, or those who are travelling and need flexibility.

These courses take place remotely, via webcam.Lessons last 30 minutes and can be taken over a long period of time.

Lessons last 30 minutes

25 CHF.-

Mixed Learning

Courses here or there, depending on what suits me

For those who like variety or those who don’t want to let too much time elapse between 2 courses at the office.

Here is the ideal educational mix.On-site courses at the office alternating with distance learning courses by webcam, to get into a good educational rhythm and not fall into a routine.

Blended Learning

For those who want to alternate face-to-face lessons with e-learning and progress quickly, both in written and oral work.

Our e-learning platform makes it possible to work while having fun, either on your own or teacher-led.


Private lessons, binomials, groups wherever you wish
fide&Connect Distance Learning

For B, C permit and naturalization

(Following the rules of hygiene and conduct to stop the spread of Covid19)

certifié fide et eduQua