The Linguistic Benchmark

What is a Linguistic Benchmark?

This is a department by department audit of actual spoken or written language requirements necessary for the smooth running of the department and company.
It makes it possible to streamline language training programmes and to schedule and budget what needs to be implemented over time in order to reach the linguistic efficiency objectives.

The advantages of the Linguistic Benchmark:

The Linguistic Benchmark is an audit of actual language needs and language ability required on a department by department basis.

The level to be determined is that which enables a department to function smoothly in its internal and external relations.

Depending on the department, there is no need to reach maximum ability, but rather sufficient ability.

It provides a rational way of distinguishing between staff who already have the required ability and those that have not yet reached it and need help.

It also provides a means of anticipating future needs within the context of career changes (is it necessary to help employees improve their ability if in the future they may be required to accept another position that demands a higher linguistic ability?)

At the time of recruitment, it enables the HR department to find out precisely what level of language is required by department/candidate and, if necessary, to anticipate the need for a quick training programme to help this new candidate in their role.

The Benchmark stages

Interview with Human Resources and Department Managers in order to decide upon objectives and the ability levels required. We find the most suitable ability level for the department

Implementation of tests

Analysis of results and identification of employees who need help to improve their level of ability.

Training recommendations for each of the employees identified. Introduction of training programmes (individual, group, distance learning…)

Monthly follow-up

Each employee is re-tested at the end of the training. Discussions as to whether or not further efforts are required take place on a case by case basis.


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