Our mission and vision

Our vision

To enable the development of employees, their families and businesses by means of innovative, effective language learning strategies.

Our mission

To support your professional and personal success through languages:

Languages for human links

Compassion and non-judgement

Passion for human development

Integrity and ethics

Honesty and transparency

Respect for our employees and clients

Good pay and conditions

Equality and diversity

Sustainable development

Support and commitment to the United Nations Global Compact

Commitment to student success

Respect for our correspondents and their culture

Excellence in our learning processes

The client is at the centre of our organisation

Tailor-made service adapted to the true needs of our clients

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Private lessons, binomials, groups wherever you wish
fide&Connect Distance Learning

For B, C permit and naturalization

(Following the rules of hygiene and conduct to stop the spread of Covid19)

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