Our methods and operating mode

Our method

We call it the A-YOU© Method.

Rather than imposing a method on our learners, we begin by looking at how they learn and what their goals are.

If you are an Auditory learner (15% of the population), we offer a method of immersion for example, and if you are a Visual or Kinaesthetic learner, our teachers will adapt, and we will offer you the most suitable teaching method for you.

We also ask our students to bring material to the course (your reports, your emails, problems you may have encountered in your work, etc.).

The teacher then builds the course around the concrete needs of the student and becomes a true language coach. This way, classes become more lively, more interactive and the student can immediately apply what has just been learned. The knowledge is thus firmly fixed for future use.


Our operating mode

Firstly, each student is contacted by a teaching supervisor, in order to clarify goals. Students then receive an access code so that they can enter their detailed language audit on the internet platform. We then come back with the results and suggest a personalised programme.

Course monitoring is carried out daily, with systematic review by a teaching supervisor who can then intervene as quickly as possible if the educational programme needs to be modified or adapted.

Reports are issued with full transparency according to demand.

At the end of the programme, students may be required to perform a final level audit to measure their progress. It is also possible to take an exam.

Our trainers

Our trainerss are selected on the basis of their teaching experience and their previous business background, so that we are able to offer courses in various fields of activity. They are trained in the basics of NLP, enabling them to identity to best teaching channel for their students and adapt their teaching methods.

Our teachers are also chosen for their 100% commitment to ensuring that students meet their objectives.

Our research and development

Our team of experts and specialists in education, neuroscience and psycho-behavioural science are constantly researching innovations to improve the service we can offer you

Pedagogical research
Psycho-behavioural research

Christelle Niqueletto Educational Director

Valérie Sevestre Master in NLP

Eric Manck Psycho-somatotherapist, coach, specialist in verbal and non-verbal psycho-behavioural studies

Our senior teachers

Incorporating behaviours into learning methods

Working on errors and why they occur

Language coaching or how best to understand the real aims, to positively motivate the student?

Our training centre

Our team is at your disposal:
Rue de la Morâche, 1 at Nyon (VD) – Switzerland

Formations&Co SA

Learn French in 40 hours! 

Private (1-2 people) or group French classes (up to 8 people)
- 40-hour course or bespoke classes.
- Available in Nyon or online.
- Fide-approved courses.

We follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines to stop the spread of Covid-19.

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