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Valérie Sevestre

Associate Director – Operational Director

Her background
Valérie Sevestre began her career in the marketing and sales business and she is familiar with the company and its needs. She has always been passionate about personal development and has attended numerous training courses in parallel with her career. Among other qualifications, she has a Masters in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). She is a co-founder of Formations&Co and head of the Operations Division.

Contact her
I am available to answer any questions.
Valérie Sevestre
+41 79 936 38 56

Christelle Niqueletto

Associate Director - Andragogy Division, Quality and Research & Development

Her background
With a Masters degree in Marketing Management and an FSEA diploma, Christelle Niqueletto has worked in journalism and communication for several companies, in addition to her extensive experience in teaching languages to adults (FLE and English). She has a passion for adult learning and neuro-pedagogy and oversees the quality and smooth running of the educational programme. She continues to undergo training related to her responsibilities as Pedagogical/Research and Development Director at Formations & Co, of which she is a co-founder.

Contact her
I am available to answer any questions.
Christelle Niqueletto
+41 79 617 28 17

Eric Manck

Sales & Marketing Director – Human Talent Development

His background
Eric Manck has over 20 years of business experience in Sales, KAM, Marketing and as General Manager.
He has developed an understanding of key organisational processes and the importance of human capital. He is also qualified and has practised in both office and business settings as a psycho-behavioural and coaching expert. As a member of Formations & Co, he can share all this experience with companies and their employees (HR, managers and learners). He also contributes to the Formations&Co R&D and the development of new cutting-edge programmes. He is in charge of the Sales & Marketing Department and provides psycho-behavioural support at the request of students or HRDs.

Contact him
JI am available to answer any questions and commercial requests.
Eric Manck
+41 79 120 83 38

Maxence Eich

Recruitment Manager – Suisse Romande Account Manager

His background
Maxence Eich holds a Master’s degree in Occupational and Organizational Psychology from the University of Neuchâtel and is above all passionate about the Human being.

Indeed, it is this passion that pushed him to undertake his studies in psychology and then to specialize in the field of work to put Man at the center of the company.

Hired by Formations&Co for human resources management, he is committed to creating the best possible working environment, both through employee engagement and the development of organizational culture.

Feel free to contact him for any question regarding a position within Formations&Co.


Olivier Casta

Director of Adult Education

His background
Olivier Casta has worked as a project manager and trainer in adult education for fifteen years.

A holder of a Brevet Fédéral, Olivier has participated in many educational projects including cultural integration and training for basic skills. As a passionate advocate of self-education, he brings to Formations&Co a vision of learning based on individual acquisition of knowledge. He also keeps a close contact with the language trainers and provides them with the adequate continuous trainings in accordance with the development of Formations&Co.


Perla Miscioscia

Accounting Manager

Her background
Perla Miscioscia holds a professional maturity certificate and a diploma as an accountant’s assistant in the fields of accounting, salary management and Swiss taxation.

With more than 5 years of experience, she was responsible for the financial follow-up of one of Geneva’s largest real estate projects, the “Quartier de l’Etang”.

Passionate about languages, Perla is fluent in French, Italian, Spanish and English.


Rima Chamaa

Pedagogical Coordinator

Her background
Rima has a Master in Economics, holds the DAEFLE and FSEA 1, and has been a FLE (French as a Foreign Language) trainer for more than 15 years. She continues to undertake training assignments to maintain her close links within her field of expertise. Having spent many years in international environments, she is particularly interested in multi-culturalism, foreign languages and integration.

Her career also includes a period as director of adult education at a language training centre and She is part of the team at Formations & Co as a pedagogical co-ordinator and a member of the educational think tank.


And our team includes over 40 teachers distributed throughout French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland




I began working with Formations&Co almost one year ago and it feels like I’ve been here for ages. Management made me feel at home straight away, a helping hand on teaching methods is just a phone call away and the freedom to create each of my courses allows me to personnalise instruction and adapt my teaching to my students and their specifities. I am very happy to work with Formations&Co!



Ich LIEBE meine Arbeit als Sprachlehrerin, vor allem LIEBE ich es, für und mit Formations&CO zu arbeiten. Das Team ist sehr fachkompetent, nett und seriös. Zusammen arbeiten wir auf einer Vertrauensbasis und wir treffen uns auch gerne als Gruppe zum Gedanken austauschen. Das Team respektiert seine Mitarbeiter und gibt  ihnen wertvolle pädagogische Unterstützung und Feedbacks.

Es ist angenehm, in einer dynamischen Umgebung in einem harmonischen Verhältnis arbeiten zu dürfen. Das Management und das pädagogische Team sind immer bereit, auf unsere Bedürfnisse und Fragen zu hören. Sie sorgen auch dafür, dass wir interessante, abwechslungsreiche und herausfordernde Einsätze als Lehrer erhalten. Bei Formation & Co zeigt das Management eine aufrichtige Wertschätzung für unsere Arbeit und unsere Leistungen.



J’apprécie la confiance qui m’est donnée, la flexibilité, l’indépendance et la gestion personnelle de mon planning dans une structure conviviale et dynamique en plein essor avec des apprenants très sympathiques et de tous horizons. J’évolue dans un environnement multiculturel où je peux faire ce que j’adore : l’enseignement de notre magnifique langue dans le respect des valeurs et l’atteinte des objectifs de chacun.


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