You dream of a simple, responsive, efficient digital solution that will satisfy your employees and develop your employer brand. Discover the new generation of 7Speaking Business Digital Learning for language and business learning:

1 – A recognized Full Access solution:

7Speaking solution is the leader in this new generation of Business Digital Learning:

  • Over 500,000 users,
  • More than 500 Global companies trust us
  • 50 partners worldwide including Formations&Co for Switzerland
  • 12 language interfaces
  • 5 learning languages
  • Among the largest references worldwide
  • Complete management of RGPD or data protection issues

2 – A real business immersion:

7Speaking solution is unique in its pedagogical and business immersion model.

The employee learns quickly, with pleasure, and develops his or her essential areas of activity

  • 5’000 resources, videos, articles per language
  • More than 50 business activities
  • Minimum 40 news per week and per language
  • Customized programs according to your level, your objective, your passions and your areas of activity

Our Digital Learning solutions

3 – Un modèle pédagogique innovant : le 70-20-10 :

The 70-20-10: This learning model is the result of research in cognitive science.
Researchers have found that:

  • 70% of what you learn through practice (especially if it’s aligned with your activities),
  • 20% in the form of informal, conversational learning.
  • 10% theory training (Grammar, conjugation, ..).

Thus our model allows:

  • Addictive immersion
  • Exciting and positive self-learning
  • An immersion based on current events, your needs and videos such as Harvard Business, TED that make you progress
  • Responsive, integrative to facilitate its use

20′ per day to learn without learning


4 – Ultra-simple total integration: SSO Plus :

The LMS (Learning Management System) were created at the end of the 2000s to manage and centralize the multiple E-Learning courses offered.

The best known are Moodle, Cornerstone, Syfadis etc. The main interest, for the training manager, is to be able to follow his learners in a homogeneous way whatever the training they are following.

With an LMS, the user logs in with a single password (Single Sign On or SSO). They have access to all the training courses offered by their company

In conclusion:

The key to success is the personalization of training. This is thanks to the wealth of new technologies and the arrival of digital natives in companies. Finally, the professors are no longer teachers but trainers with experience in the company or even the business.

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