Formations&Co is a centre for the preparation of FIDE exams.

The LEI 2019 Directive is the Federal Law on Foreigners and Integration. It requires foreigners and expatriates to acquire a certain language level in order to renew a B or C permit. Formations&Co is a centre for the preparation of FIDE exams responding to this request throughout Switzerland and in Nyon (VD).

The LEI Directive:

This Directive applies mainly to nationals of non-EU countries. This is to better integrate foreigners working and settling in Switzerland. This concerns residence permits / B permit or and settlement permits C permit.

In this respect, an oral A1 level is required at the time of renewal of the residence permit (B permit).

And an oral A2 and written A1 level is required for a Swiss C permit for establishment.

We prepare people for the FIDE exam to validate their permits with the population offices in your canton.

Our solutions:

Formations&Co offers a real “Welcome to Switzerland” integration package. We support you with group courses, private individual courses. We also study tailor-made solutions that are adapted, flexible and effective for your needs.

It takes about 50 hours of group lessons.  30 hours with private lessons to acquire the expected level FIDE A1 oral for example.



Formations&Co offers the “Welcome to Switzerland” solution. These courses are specially designed to comply with the Swiss LEI directive on integration in Switzerland.

They combine the practical aspects of living in Switzerland with language courses (French, German or Italian depending on the canton). We integrate practical aspects into it. Shopping, buying a train ticket. Fill out forms at the Post Office. Everyday life applications such as how to talk to your neighbours.

These courses are also given by certified teachers eduQua, FIDE and Formations&Co.

Our courses are designed for your success in the FIDE exam, taking into account intercultural differences and everyone’s learning style.


For all

Our integration and FIDE exam preparation courses are for everyone. Spouses, Employees.

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