French course, French is not complicated if it is well explained.

French course: French is not complicated if it is well explained. Learning French means understanding its history and particularities.



French courses and history of the French language:

French is an Indo-European language of the Romance language family. French was formed in France (a variety of the “langue d’oïl”, which is the language of the northern part of the country) and is now spoken on all continents by approximately 274 million people 1.4 of whom 212 million use it daily, 76 million2 of whom are native speakers. In 2014, 77 million students are studying in French worldwide5. It is one of the six official languages and one of the two working languages (with English) of the United Nations, and the official or working language of several international or regional organizations, including the European Union. After having been the language of the royal and princely courts during the Ancien Régime, from the tsars of Russia to the kings of Spain and England and the princes of Germany, it remains an important language of international diplomacy alongside English.

French courses and social history:

The French language is an attribute of sovereignty in France, since 1992 “the language of the Republic is French” (Article 2 of the Constitution of the Fifth French Republic). It is also the main vehicle of French thought and culture in the world. The French language is the subject of a public system for the enrichment of the language, with the decree of 3 July 1996 on the enrichment of the French language.

French courses and special features:

The particularity of the French language, its development and codification have been partly the work of intellectual groups, such as the Pléiade, or institutions, such as the Académie française. It is a so-called “academic” language. However, use retains its rights and many people popularized this living language, first and foremost Rabelais and Molière: it is also known as “Molière’s language”.

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Excerpt from Wikipedia and Dailymotion series les beaux malaises.


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