French courses and intercultural communication

Working in French often requires much more skill than simply being able to speak the language fluently and correctly. That is why our French and intercultural communication courses are effective and efficient


Intercultural communication:

People who use French at work often do so in an international and multicultural environment, which requires good intercultural communication skills. For this reason, Formations&Co’s role as experts in French courses and intercultural communication in companies is to help you communicate better in French.

International environment:

In an international environment, intercultural and transcultural communication, including cultural awareness and cultural competence, are essential. Thus, in our face-to-face courses (private, pair, group, workshop, workshop, workshop Lunch&Learn, etc.) as well as in our distance courses, intercultural communication is at the heart of the “All-In-One Method” program.

French courses and intercultural communication:

French courses are always tailored to your personal and professional learning needs. In this sense, our native French language trainers can integrate elements specifically related to your needs to create a French language learning program that meets your objectives. Then we encourage you to bring your specific work supports (presentation, report). These will be integrated into your individual classes with complete confidentiality.

Finally, our French and intercultural communication courses are also adapted to your learning and psycho-behavioral profile for a rapid evolution of your useful French level.

French courses and language skills:

– structures, word order

– active listening

– basic and complex conjugation

– summarizes grammar points

– precision work

– standard phrases

– idiomatic and familiar expression

– pronunciation

– intonation

– precision on writing

– word group / cluster

French courses and intercultural communication skills:

– meetings

– conference call

– presentations

– conflict resolution

– report

– negotiation

– personnel and team management

– professional relationships and networking

– email/report writing

– talk about your mission and your company


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