What is a Lunch and Learn?

Lunch and Learn are special events for your staff or volunteers presenting an opportunity to learn about a specific topic.  They are typically scheduled over employees’ lunch, breakfast or dinner hour. Employees bring their food or it is provided for them.  They meet at a specified location and eat during the session while learning new information and skills.  The skills can be personal or job related.


The Numerous Benefits of Lunch and Learn

In today’s stressful economy any extra fringe benefits can improve morale. This creates an atmosphere of appreciation, kindness and caring for your employees.

Trainings can be offered to inform and inspire employees on many different topics.

Having an expert come to your facility and educate employees on various topics is not only important it is essential for the growth and atmosphere of the organization.

  • Raise employee morale and attitude
  • Improve organization communication
  • Compliment training and development programs
  • Builds and maintains teamwork skills
  • Advances other company training initiatives
  • Creates an atmosphere of positive anticipation and excitement
  • Provides an opportunity to network with different professionals creating reciprocal referrals for both the company and the presenter


When Should You Schedule Your Lunch and Learn?

Training should be scheduled during meals or any time the staff gets together. They should be on a regular and consistent basis; many companies schedule these monthly.  A company meeting is a great time to host a lunch and learn.

Depending on your company, for example; a school may want to host a lunch and learn during a student free day, or a PTA meeting


Topics Choices for a Diversification of People in Larger Companies

The topics should appeal to the designated audiences and specific departments within a company.  Factory workers, public works department and warehouse will find a Safety and Ergonomics topic beneficial.  The administrative or sales staff may want a Financial Literacy or Stay Fit While You Sit topic.  The ages of the participants should also be considered in topic choices.  A younger staff member may not be interested in retirement while the older population will be very interested.  So one does not fit all.


 The Key to a Successful Lunch and Learn is Planning

  • Time management including passing out the food, seating arrangements and time left over for questions
  • No distractions
  • A knowledgeable and educated presenter with an expertise in the specific area of interest
  • An interested and willing crowd not a forced training
  • Promotion of the event at the facility with email flyers, poster flyers and lunch sign-up sheets
  • Three weeks plus advertising time for the event


Source: “Linkedin- Wendy Rose